Greetings from the President

Since its foundation in 1978, our company's main business has been the export of 100% Japanese bolts & nuts, but in 1989 we started the import and sales of resin products, and in 2005 we began tripartite trade by importing products from Southeast Asia for sales in the West. With our literally borderless business operations, we plan to make a contribution to the protection of our world environment, and with “As you sow, so you shall reap” as our motto, we would like to be able to pass our wonderful Mother Earth onto the next generation.


CEO Nakao Genta

origin of our company name (FASCO)

The name FASCO is comprised of two names: FASTENER COMPANY (bolt and fastening part company), and FASTEN COMPANY (a company that links companies to companies).
As stated in the company name, since our inception we have been marketing bolts/nuts and connecting businesses together so that they may conduct smooth, beneficial trade. From importing clothespins to aircraft part sales, we currently handle over 200 products.
We strive to keep up with the times and expand cooperation with companies and businesses all over the world.