Business operation

Plastic manufactured product

Through cooperation with several plastic molding factories, making production of everything from clothespins to resin pallets of a wide range of sizes possible. All metal molds are manufactured locally.

illustration:Plastic Injection Workshop1
illustration:Plastic Injection Workshop2
Plastic Products(1) DVD case (single)   DVD case (double)
DVD case (ultra-thin)   Blu-ray Disc case
Plastic Products(2) Multi-disk case  CD packing tray  Low price DVD case  ZEN CASE

DVD case (single)

DVD case (single) 1 Natural (Super clear)
DVD case (single) 2 Basic 3 colors
White, black and natural
DVD case (single) 3 Color

DVD case (double)

DVD case (double)1 PC-305 White
2-disc white case w/tray
DVD case (double)2 PC-305 Gold
2-disc gold case w/tray
DVD case (double)3 DC1-Black
2-disc black case, no tray

DVD case (ultra-thin)

DVD case (ultra-thin)1 S03-Black
DVD case (ultra-thin)2 S03-Colors

Blu-ray Disc case

Blue light laser DVD case

Multi-disk case

Multi-disk case(1) TCBS-20
Multi-disk case(2)
Multi-disk case(3)
One tray can hold two discs, and one case can hold 1-10 trays, allowing settings for 1-20 discs.

CD packing tray

CD packing tray

Low price DVD case

Low price DVD case 100% recycled material


A unique disc storage case developed by American design company ZEN Design.