Company Profile

Company NameFASCO-Boeki Co., Ltd.
Representative Nakao Mitsugi
Address [Head Office]
Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Ohte-dori 1-4-2 Nishida Bldg. 4F
[Yokohama Sales Office]
Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi Tsuzuki-ku Chigasaki-chuo 41-8 Plaha Yokohama Center Minami
Station Arena 2F
Established April 1976: Established in Nara City, Nara Prefecture
No. of Employees 10 people
Business OperationsImports/exports of bolts & nuts
Industrial fastener sales
Imports of molded plastic products, household goods

Protecting the Environment

Enviornment Philosophy

FASCO-Boeki Co., Ltd will make efforts to improve our Earth's environment and to protect the environment, and to carry out a series of activities to ensure that the next generation may have a clean and fine Earth.

Environment Policy

  1. Our company has considered the negative influence that the plastic products, fastening part products, and other services of our operations have on the environment. We are making striving to save resources and reduce waste in order to prevent environmental pollution.
    In order to be active in protecting the environment and to develop products beneficial to the environment as well, our company implements brainstorming sessions for new product ideas and acquires patents and industrial rights in order to make these ideas happen.
    In addition, we carefully monitor materials and make sure not to use those which would have harmful effects on the environment.
  2. Our company strictly abides by laws related to the environment and environmental impact, as well as other required items.
  3. We shall establish an environmental management system, set an environmental protection objective, and make improvements.
  4. We shall spread this environmental policy to each person working for our company in order to enlighten people with regards to the environment, and our entire company shall work towards improving it.
  5. This environmental policy shall also be open to the public.
FASCO-Boeki Co., Ltd.
CEO Nakao Mitsugi